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    Thursday, January 23, 2014

    100 doctors deployed in Manado flood affected areas

    Tobapos -- The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) chapter of North Sulawesi province has deployed around 100 doctors to help tackle victims affected by flash floods and landslides in the province.

    The doctors have been assigned to work at a number of command posts to help the victims, chairman of the North Sulawesi IDI office, Dr J. Waleleng, stated here on Wednesday, adding that there were at least 51 command posts provided to help the victims.

    According to head of the Prof Kandou Dr Max Rondonuwu general hospital, the IDI's doctors cooperated with the Search and Rescue (SAR) team in evacuating the flash-flood affected victims.

    The heavy floods left 19 people dead, hundreds of homes washed away, 15 thousand people were displaced, as well as 107 thousand people affected and material losses amounted to Rp1.8 trillion.

    Flash floods, which struck several parts of North Sulawesi province starting Wednesday, Jan 15, caused losses of some Rp1.871 trillion.

    The flash floods and landslides, triggered by torrential rains in the past few days, struck a number of areas in North Sulawesi, such as the cities of Manado, Tomohon, the districts of Minahasa, North Minahasa, Southeast Minahasa, and the islands of Sangihe and Sitaro.

    According to North Sulawesi governor Sinyo H Sarundajang in Manado, speaking on Saturday, Jan 18, severe floods devastated 40 locations in Manado.

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