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    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    China to build Bandung's Monorel

    Tobapos -- The provincial government of West Java and state-owned China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC) have agreed to accelerate the planned development of a monorail system in Bandung Raya.

    Provincial government official Iwa Karniwa from the regional administration secretariat said here on Monday that the West Java administration has set up a special team to meet with the CMC board of directors.

    "The team left for Beijing last week to inform them about the progress of the Bandung Raya monorail project," he said.

    He said the group also explained several issues about the project, which the CMC was still unclear about.

    "The CMC, represented by CMC president Wang Xusheng and vice president Zhao Jun, have asked about a number of issues, including coordination between lines of administration and regulations linked to the B to B cooperation scheme," he said.

    He said although discussions have been difficult, the team had been able to assure CMC about the West Java government's seriousness in carrying out the project.

    He said teams from the two countries would meet again in February "to formulate a pre-feasibility study to determine details of the cooperation." (adm/ant)

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