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    Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Diplomacy key to solve Syrian conflicts

    Tobapos -- Diplomacy and negotiation are the key to resolving the ongoing Syrian conflict, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa stated during the Geneva II Conference in Montreaux, Switzerland, on Tuesday.

    According to a press release received here on Tuesday, the Geneva II Conference was chaired by the foreign ministers from 39 countries.

    "Indonesia called on the participants to convey the message to the world that the Syrian conflict cannot be resolved by using brute military force. We understand the complex situation in Syria, but that must not divert our attention from the most crucial issue, which is, to end all fighting in Syria," Marty claimed.

    The minister also emphasized the need to stop all fighting in Syria and to allow access to all humanitarian agencies so that assistance can be provided to the conflict-ridden country.

    The Geneva II Conference is initiated by the United Nation, the United States, and Russia. The Tuesday's conference is part of a series of meetings scheduled to find a solution to the Syrian conflict. Conflicting parties in Syria are scheduled to meet for the very first time on the sidelines of the conference to negotiate peace.

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