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    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    MK decision on elections has weaknesses

    Tobapos -- The Constitutional Court (MK)'s decision on a single-day vote for the legislative and presidential elections has many weaknesses, observer Maswadi Rauf of the University of Indonesia (UI) said.

    "The MK decision will not improve our democracy, because a simultaneous legislative and presidential election will cause troubles," he said here on Friday.

    Maswadi explained that in 2019, tension and chaos could emerge as a result of a simultaneous election. This system will confuse the electors, as they vote for their best legislative presidential candidates.

    "There will be many presidential candidates and legislative candidates. This will cause the people to be confused when they vote," he said.

    This system will trigger the emergence of many presidential candidates, while in fact a presidential candidate must be a qualified and selected person.

    "It does not mean that the more candidates means the more democratic the country will be. I do not agree with those who say that opportunities should be opened as wide as possible for them. Not all have the qualifications to be candidates," he said.

    On Thursday, the Constitutional Court approved the examination of Law No. 42 of 2008 on the Election of President, Vice-President and legislative elections, as filed by the Civil Society Coalition for Elections led by Effendi Gazali.

    "General elections will be held simultaneously in 2019," stated the Constitutional Court (MK) Chief Justice Hamdan Zoelva, here on Thursday.

    Effendi Gazali and his associate examined a number of articles on the law that regulates Presidential and legislative elections.

    The applicants consider that legislative and presidential elections, when conducted separately, can become inefficient, which can eventually harm the constitutional rights of voters.

    Effendy proposed that the elections be conducted simultaneously by applying the political system and presidential coattail effect.

    In 2014, however, the Indonesian people will hold legislative elections in April and presidential elections in July.

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