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    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Rp36 Billion Aid Targeted for Aceh

    Tobapos -- Social Affairs Minister Salim Segaf Al Jufri designated 36 billion rupiah in financial aid for Indonesia's western-most province of Aceh here on Saturday.

    "This is only stimulant assistance, because the social problems cannot be overcome merely by the Social Affairs Minister, but other parties must be involved to solve the problems," the minister said.

    The aid was extended, along with the launching of the team of Marginalized Groups Humanitarian Expedition (EKKM) in Paya Lipah village, Peureulak sub-district.

    In addition, the government also handed over 300 million rupiah to repair 200 houses in East Aceh District.

    Apart from that, Minister Salim distributed over 300 million rupiah to 15 business groups, with each of them receiving 20 million rupiah.

    Meanwhile, the Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment organization also obtained 3.2 billion rupiah for a two-year period.

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