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    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    Syrian Govt urged to allow aid convoy

    Tobapos -- The Syrian government came under pressure on Monday to allow aid trucks into the besieged rebel city of Homs as negotiators sought to keep peace talks on track by focussing on humanitarian gestures.

    The government said women and children could leave Homs and government and opposition delegates also spoke of releasing prisoners.

    The U.N. mediator said he hoped talks, which continue on Monday in Geneva, could move on to broaching the central issue that divides the two sides after three years of civil war - Syria's political future and that of President Bashar al-Assad.

    Homs, occupying a strategic location in the centre of the country, has been a key battleground. Assad's forces retook many of the surrounding areas last year, leaving rebels under siege in the city centre, along with thousands of civilians. (ant/adm)

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