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    Saturday, February 1, 2014

    Mobile Brigade sent to prevent violence in Timika

    Tobapos -- A platoon of Mobile Brigade and Mass Control forces from the Mimika Resort Police are stationed along the Pindah-pindah River, Trans Timika-Nabire Road, to prevent violence from breaking out between Moni and Dani tribal members.

    "The current situation is under control. Tonight, one platoon each of Mobile Brigade and Mass Control will stand-by to anticipate irresponsible provocations, though the mass of each tribe has withdrawn," stated the Spokesman of Papua Police Senior Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo in Jayapura on Saturday.

    Sulistyo pointed out that the Mimika Resort Police will hold a meeting on Monday, Feb. 3, to resolve the dispute between the two tribes. The meeting will be followed with traditional gatherings and presents given to the regent.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, members of the Moni and Dani tribes clashed over the rights of land for settlement around Pindah-pindah River, Trans Timika-Nabire Road.

    According to officials, residents of both tribes attacked each other with stones and arrows, and a number of people were injured. Also, a car and motorcycle were set on fire.

    Chief of Mimika Resort Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Jermias Rontini has asked residents of Moni and Dani to not act in ways which might provoke each other.

    "The problem of land does not need to be resolved through war or clashes. The problem can be solved with a dialogue. We do not need arrows or other weapons," he said. (ant/adm)

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