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    Monday, June 30, 2014

    Chinese Propaganda Against Japan Slammed

    Tobapos -- A scene from a Chinese TV drama in which a naked young woman salutes Red Army soldiers heading off to battle in the Second Sino-Japanese War has gone viral and been widely criticized on the internet, reports ifeng, the website of Hong Kong's Phoenix TV.

    The scene portrays a village girl removing her clothes and saluting the soldiers after she learns that they have not felt the touch of a woman in a long time. Internet users feel the scene is an example of anti-Japanese nationalism going too far and many have called the scene a "naked" attempt to grab more viewers, saying such series should be more serious in their treatment of the historical material.

    The note of sexuality introduces a particular problematic resonance. War crimes committed by occupying Japanese troops between 1937-1945 included the systematic rape and murder of Chinese women during the Nanjing Massacre and the use of "comfort women" — women from China and other countries forced into prostitution at Japanese military brothels — crimes which are still a major source of bitterness. The nude scene on one level thus seems to suggest the reclaiming of Chinese women's bodies from Japanese tyranny and restoring them "correctly" as vessels for Chinese men.

    One netizen described the drama as "anti-Japanese porn," while another asked how the scene got past the censors. Others said the scene twists history, which would confuse viewers as to the facts of the conflict — though historical accuracy has rarely been a strong point of such dramas.

    In 2012 alone, Japanese soldiers were killed off thousands of times over in Chinese TV dramas and there are signs that audiences are becoming tired of increasingly overwrought Tarantino-esque revenge fantasies, including a man tearing a Japanese soldier in half with his bare hands or another blowing up an airplane with a well-timed grenade toss. (DTN/adm)

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