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    Sunday, June 29, 2014

    Indonesia, Bulgaria Agree to Enhance Bilateral Ties

    Tobapos -- Indonesia and Bulgaria have agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in trade, agriculture, tourism and energy.

    The delegations from both countries reached agreement during the fifth meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation held in Jakarta on June 24, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Saturday.

    The Indonesian delegation to the meeting was led by Director General of America and Europe at the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani, while the Bulgarian delegation was led by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Byurhan Abazov.

    Triansyah Djani said Bulgaria is one of Indonesia's main partners in Central and East Europe and, thus, it is important to optimize the potentials of the two countries, particularly in trade, agriculture, tourism and energy.

    "Relations between Indonesia and Bulgaria, particularly in the trade sector, have increased significantly, by 14.86 percent in the past five years," he said.

    Based upon the potential commodities, including in the agricultural sector, he underscored the need for the two nations to diversify their exports.

    Indonesia's exports to Bulgaria include rubber, coffee, polyester yarn, vegetable oil, soap, furniture, tuna and decorative fish, while Indonesia imported tobacco, animal feed, electronic components, and coriander bean from Bulgaria.

    Abazove shared Triansyah Djani's view, saying the two nations need to diversify their agricultural commodities to increase their trade relations.

    He noted that Bulgaria was also eager to cooperate with Indonesia in building organic agriculture, husbandry and irrigation, as well as in developing new varieties of seeds.

    Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Ukus Kuswara and the chief of the Bulgarian delegation signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance tourism cooperation between the two nations.

    The agreement reflected the importance of joint promotion to increase the number of tourists visiting Bulgaria and Indonesia, Ukus said.

    The cooperation is expected to increase people-to-people contact, he added.

    A total of 3,119 Bulgarian tourists visited Indonesia in 2012. (ant/adm)

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