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    Saturday, June 28, 2014

    TNI Thwarts Attempts to Smuggle Fuel Oils to Timor Leste

    Tobapos -- Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel in the eastern Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara have foiled attempts to smuggle 15,730 liters of fuel oils to neighboring Timor Leste between May and June, stated a spokesman.

    The fuel oils comprised 8,055 liters of gasoline, 1,990 liters of diesel oil, and 5,685 liters of kerosene, Commander of the Wira Sakti District Military Command Brigadier General Achmad Yuliarto noted here on Friday.

    "The fuel oils confiscated in the operations conducted by the TNI in the period of two months reached 15,730 liters. The subsidized fuel oils were supposed to be smuggled to Timor Leste by land and sea," Yuliarto pointed out.

    Fuel smuggling is the most crucial issue in the Indonesia-Timor Leste border areas, he claimed.

    Therefore, all sides must assist the TNI in reducing the activities of smuggling fuels to Timor Leste, Yuliarto added.

    Actually, it is not for the TNI to foil the smuggling activities, he clarified.

    But, because the fuel oils were smuggled by land and sea, the TNI, as the vanguard of the border areas, is responsible for the issue, Yuliarto remarked.
    In Belu district, seven sub-districts and 32 villages share common borders with Timor Leste, he stated.

    The TNI now has 40 guard posts along the borders of Indonesia and Timor Leste. (ant/adm)

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