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    Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    Indonesia Made UAV for Fighting and Prevention of Forest Fire

    Tobapos -- Indonesia's space agency (LAPAN) was working to develop an unmanned aircraft or LSU (Lapan Unmanned Surveillance Aerial Vehicle) to combat fire forest.

    Currently the institution has LSU 01X and LSU 02 and LSU 03 prototypes.

    "LSU 03 length only 5 meters in wingspan, with 4 meters long of its body. It could fly with 400 km of range with an altitude between 3000-4000 meters," said Deputy Aerospace Technology of Rica Andiarti, as reported by Detik in Jakarta.

    Lapan is also developing LSA 05.

    "Its name is not LSU again but LSA or Lapan Surveillance Aircraft prototype 05, and made in Indonesia. LSA 05 is more sophisticated and larger in size with more fuel capacity," he said.

    The LSA type 05 will be used for forest fire fighting and prevention and other strategic monitoring purposes. The aircraft is capable of flying 6-8 hours non-stop with a travel range of up to 1,300 km and 5,000 km and able to carry loads up to 160 kg.

    "While we continue to develop it to fly, it can be tested and used for the purposes of the state interest," he explained.(adm)

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