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    Monday, July 21, 2014

    President Calls for Conclusion of Election Stages Well

    Tobapos -- President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on all national components here on Sunday including presidential and vice presidential candidates and election organizer to conclude the final stage of the election on July 9 well.

    "We still have yet to finish the final stage. So, let us with full responsibility guard it so that later on October 20 I could end my term of office and all processes would have gone well," he said in his speech at a fast breaking gathering with heads of state institutions and cabinet ministers which was attended by the two pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates.

    The General Election Commission (KPU) is scheduled to announce the official results of the election on July 22.

    The election on July 9 was contested by Prabowo Subianto with Hatta Rajasa as his running mate and Joko Widodo who paired with Jusuf Kalla.

    President Yudhoyono said that succession of leadership is a must and the process has so far gone well.

    "We will welcome a new leader and advance the life of our people. Succession of national leadership is a must and must be welcome with a big heart and joyfully and we must also support the next leader and help make his leadership successful," he said.

    President Yudhoyono said that the process of democracy is still ongoing and it must continue and must not be spoiled.

    "We are still solidifying democratic transition, deepening democracy and the process is not yet finished and a lot still has yet to be improved," he said.
    Quoting a hadith President Yudhoyono said that all parties must avoid prejudice, hatred, suspicion.

    "Brotherhood like this one is good and people like it because it creates solemn atmosphere which is especially important for now when political tension in the country is high," he said.

    He said "our unity and cohesiveness is really very important. The cost will be too deer if our nation is divided as it would not be easy to unite it again." (ant/adm)

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