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    Monday, August 25, 2014

    Assad Supports ISIS to Fight His Enemy FSA?

    Tobapos -- The article from Britain’s Daily Telegraph reprinted below is barely six months old but the passage of time reveals it to be a patent pack of lies. Even if the journalists involved didn’t concoct the falsehoods it contains their sources — “Western intelligence agencies, rebels and al-Qaeda defectors” — certainly did.

    The whole report is reminiscent of the sort of disinformation that was once peddled by the Western media in the run-up to the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Only now the intended target is Syria’s President Assad who, the Telegraph claims, was making deals with Muslim militants at the expense of more “moderate” groups opposed to his rule.

    In the past six months President Assad’s forces have made considerable headway against the foreign backed militants trying to topple him. What’s more the gulf states of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Britain and the U.S. have all been exposed as having backed Sunni militants fighting in Syria and Iraq.  


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