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    Saturday, August 23, 2014

    Austrian Musician Enlivens "Horas Samosir Fiesta 2014"

    Tobapos -- Austrian world-class musician Hermann deLago is now in Samosir island, North Sumatra, to mingle with other local musicians to enliven the "Horas Samosir Fiesta 2014", according to official.

    "The Horas Samosir Fiesta is intended to support Samosir district administration's vision of making the district an innovative environmentally-based tourism destination in an effort to make Visit Samosir 2015 a success," Samosir district head's expert staff Melani Butarbutar said here on Saturday.

    She remarked that the Austrian musician and composer who has a profound interest in Batak songs will be accompanied by local musicians such as Vicky Sianipar dan Tongam Sirait.

    Melani said deLango has plaid his role in preserving Batak songs, and therefore it is a right thing for him to enliven the Horas Smosir Fiesta with his local colleagues.

    According to her, Hermann deLago is s a renowned composer, arranger, conductor and world musician from Austria, who visited North Sumatra for the first time in 1997.

    "Since his first visit to Lake Toba in North Sumatra in 1997 he has fallen in love with the traditional local music, the people and also the region as such," Melani said.

    She said deLago has found that Batak people are very musical, and as they are mountain people, the region nowadays feels like second home to him.

    In 2005 deLango met Viky Sianipar, one of the best music arrangers in Jakarta, then five years later they finally decided to do a collaborative album.

    Supported by several Bataknese like Dewi Marpaung, Dany K, flute player Korem Sihombing, and some European singers, the two great musicians and arrangers created a completely new storybook of Batak music.

    Meanwhile, deLango said he was excited to learn that in the region around Lake Toba, hundreds of extremely beautiful songs were sung almost every day.

    He said their melodies may seem simple at first listening, but they were never dull or boring.

    According to him the songs have an enormous gentle power and surprise with unusual melodic and harmonic twists and turns.

    "It is both an honor and a fascinating adventure for Viky and me to put this musical treasure in a new context and thus present it to the rest of the world," deLango noted.

    Chief of Samosir Culture and Toursim office Ombang Siboro expressed his hope that through the Horas Fiesta, the younger generations in Samosir district will develop a better understanding of their local customs and culture.

    "The promotion of Samosir tourism potential is also made by guiding the younger generations to develop their insight about the local arts, culture, and tradition," Siboro remarked.

    He said Horas Samosir Fiesta was started in July 2014 and will last until December 31. (ant/adm)

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