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    Monday, August 18, 2014

    Indonesia`s Aviation Manufacturer Secures Orders to Build 100 N219 Aircraft

    Tobapos -- The Indonesian aviation manufacturing company PT DI has received orders for the production of 100 N219 aircraft, Research and Technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta stated.

    "PT DI in cooperation with LAPAN is building N219s. Four aircraft of that type will be assembled and completed by April 2015," the minister noted here on Tuesday.

    PT DI is manufacturing the aircraft in cooperation with other agencies apart from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN).

    Besides LAPAN, the Indonesian aircraft manufacturer has also involved the Ministry of Research and Technology, the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), and the Ministry of Industry.

    So far, PT DI has received orders for the construction of 100 N219 aircraft from a national airline, he reported.

    For the construction of the N219 aircraft, PT DI created airplane mock-ups, prepared material, and the required specifications to make flight engineering models and simulators.

    LAPAN has the task of working on the design and development of the N219 aircraft.

    A total of 28 researchers had worked with the Indonesian airplane industry, which was launched on March 12, 2014, especially in the fields of avionics, electronics, propulsion, engineering, flight simulators, aerodynamics, and structural analysis, according to information from PT DI.

    In this project, BPPT had conducted assessment of the aircrafts aerodynamics and structure.

    The Ministry of Industry has developed the support industries and has created industrial clusters for the production of the N219 aircraft.

    The N219 aircraft were designed by Indonesians and were developed with about 60 percent indigenous technology, Industry Minister M.S. Hidayat earlier stated.  (ant/adm)

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