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    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    National Police will Cordon off 21 location to Secure MK

    Tobapos -- The Indonesian National Police will cordon off 21 locations bordering Jakarta in a bid to secure the verdict session of the election dispute trial at the Constitutional Court (MK).

    National Police spokesman Inspector General Ronny F. Sompie stated on Wednesday that several locations near Jakarta have been cordoned off in an effort to prevent mass exodus to Jakarta.

    "We have increased security and cordoned off 14 locations on the border between Jakarta and West Java," Ronny noted.

    However, he refused to divulge further details regarding the locations as he did not want to risk the safety of on-duty personnel.

    "Information about the areas being cordoned off has been kept a secret. If we reveal the location it will endanger our personnel," he affirmed.

    Moreover, he noted that the police have cordoned off seven locations on the border between the Province of Banten and Jakarta to prevent mass exodus from Banten to Jakarta.

    Ronnie denied news that the police had deployed snipers to secure the area around the MK.

    "We have not deployed snipers to secure the trial court. We have deployed personnel and are prepared to secure the area around MK," he emphasized.

    He stressed that the implementation of security measures at MK are directed at prevent disorder during the verdict session of the 2014 election dispute trial.

    "In addition, we are prepared to prevent intrusion against the judges of the MK, the commissioner of the General Elections Commission, and all parties present at the hearing," he noted.

    Earlier, the Chief of the Indonesian National Police General Sutarman reported that the police will heighten security around the MK ahead of the verdict session of election dispute hearing.

    "So, effective August 19, we strengthen (security). Yesterday, there was a three-tier security system in place, and we will add a fourth tier. We have deployed personnel there," Sutarman added.

    He remarked that the police have deployed 22 thousand personnel to maintain security when the MK delivers the verdict of the election dispute hearing.

    "There are 2.1 thousand personnel who will be deployed in the three-tier security system, but overall, we have prepared 22 thousand personnel," he affirmed.

    According to Sutarman, police officers will be deployed to secure the MK building, shopping and economic centers around the MK, Istana Negara and some other places visited by large number of protesters.

    "We ask the people to remain calm and perform daily activities as usual. The police and military ready to secure and guarantee safety," he added. (ant/adm)

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