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    Thursday, November 10, 2016

    Myanmar Confirms the Purchase of FC-1/JF-17 Aircraft

    Tobapos -- On 1 November in the afternoon, journalists from Chinese media Sina.com met the path of military officers of the Burmese air, they confirmed "with certainty" the purchase of Sino-Pakistanis aircraft FC-1/JF-17.

    As for the quantity covered by this acquisition, Burmese officers refused to answer. But according to an Israeli source dating from January this year , an order for 16 aircraft was placed with a price of 35 million US dollar.

    In terms of combat aircraft, the Burmese army has air today than fifty old Chinese fighter J-7M and thirty MiG-29 , and an airplane twenty attack Air-Sol Q-5, reported by East Pendulum.

    Their pilots also train with Chinese jet training Nanghang K-8 . The arrival of FC-1 Chinese design should facilitate the handling by the drivers who have already used to fly on devices manufactured in China.  (adm)

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