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    Wednesday, November 2, 2016

    NASA Seeks Concepts for Commercial Lunar Lander Instruments

    Tobapos -- NASA announced Nov. 1 that it is seeking information regarding instruments that could be flown to the moon on future commercial spacecraft, with one company that is developing a lander offering financial support for their development.

    The request for information (RFI) released by NASA seeks details about “small payloads that could be delivered to the moon as early as the 2017–2020 timeframe using U.S. commercial lunar cargo transportation service providers.”

    The RFI, issued though NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems division, is focused on instruments and experiments that address “strategic knowledge gaps” in robotic and human lunar exploration, versus pure science investigations.

    “We’re asking for information about the maturity of the instruments,” said John Guidi, deputy director of the Advanced Exploration Systems division, in a presentation at the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG) meeting here. That includes whether the payload is a flight spare from another program or could be assembled quickly, spacenews.com reported.

    There is no firm definition of “small” in terms of the types of payloads they are seeking information about. “We didn’t specify a particular mass, size or cost constraint,” said Nantel Suzuki, Advanced Exploration Systems program executive, at the LEAG meeting. “The intent here is to solicit for payloads that would be suitable for delivery with emerging U.S. commercial transportation services to the moon.”  (adm)

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