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    Thursday, December 8, 2016

    Israel Seeks India's Help for Space Technology

    Tobapos -- It's not just India that seeks technologies from Israel. This time, it's Israel that's come knocking on the doors of Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) for collaborations in key technologies.

    Avi Blasberger, director, Israel Space Agency (ISA) told TOI after a meeting with the space agency on Tuesday: "We have specific areas in which we'd like to collaborate with Isro. I'm hopeful that something serious will emerge after more meetings."

    Blasberger said that Israel was particularly keen on collaborating in technologies relating to earth observation, communication and rocket propulsion. "We are also looking at radar satellite," he added. Isro is already working on a dual synthetic aperture radar project in collaboration with Nasa, which TOI was the first to report about.

    While stating that Israel is not looking at any collaboration in India's big-ticket projects to the Sun (Aditya) or the second mission to Mars, Blasberger said: "Isro is among the best geo-stationary orbit technology and is a leader in several other areas; there'll be a lot to learn and exchange."

    Sources in Isro said that while Blasberger met some officials in person, he could only communicate with the agency's chairman AS Kiran Kumar via a video call. "The talks are on and at are a very nascent stage now," confirmed an Isro official. Blasberger said he'll be visiting the Isro Space Centre (ISAC) on Wednesday along with Offir Akunis, Israel's science, technology and space minister. (TOI)

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