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    Thursday, February 23, 2017

    ASEAN to Keep Up Economic Growth

    Tobapos -- Ten ASEAN countries will maintain economic growths ranging between 5 and 7% this year.

    Indonesia and the Philippines are forecast to post the highest growth rates this year thanks to their appropriate export strategies and policies to boost their domestic markets.

    Trade among ASEAN members is expected to take up a quarter of the grouping’s total. This means ASEAN, with its purchasing power being on the rise, remains an attractive venue for businesses.

    However, ASEAN enterprises are recommended to target other markets beyond the bloc, including South Asia.

    Trade between Southeast Asia and South Asia rose from 4 billion USD in 1990 to 90 billion USD in 2013.

    Many South Asian countries, such as India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, have introduced a number of incentives to foreign investors.

    The regional economy is expected to see improvement in 2017. In order to fully tap the potentials, experts say enterprises should map out plans to expand their markets.  (vietnamnet)

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