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    Saturday, August 28, 2021

    Pakistan Would Not Use Nuclear Weapons First, Says PM Khan

    Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a convention of Sikh community, highlighted his apprehensions related to the prevalent situation in Kashmir. He requested all the guests to raise their voice against the Indian PM Modi’s current ideology, as according to khan, it is not only a threat for the region but also for the entire world.

    “Pakistan and India, both being nuclear-armed countries can pose a serious threat to the world if tensions between the two increase. The world could be in danger.” this was all that Khan to say. But he assured that there will be no first from the Pakistani side ever. “Pakistan would not use nuclear weapons first,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday, September 3.

    Amid tensions with arch-rival India after New Delhi revoked the special status of its part of the disputed Kashmir region, Pakistan has urged the word powers and international peace organizations to come forward and show their support for the cause. Khan underlined the fact that no one who has any humanity can tolerate what is happening in Kashmir at this time. Tension remains high in Kashmir, where security forces have used tear gas against stone-throwing protesters and the valley remains under lockdown after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to withdraw special rights for the Muslim-majority state on August 5.

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